A journal of weird brainchilds of mine...

The Uncanny Acousmatron

2018-03-28 - posted in: music, sound-art, autonomous-agents,

I’ve started a new series of youtube videos called “The Uncanny Acousmatron”. I’m trying to create patches of analogue (i.e., no computer involved) synthesizers which exhibit emergent behavior. Here is the first one.

Designing Creative Musical Instruments - Part 1: Introduction

2018-03-24 - posted in: research, interaction-design, phenomenology, user-experience,

A while ago I did a little research about the features and interaction patterns that make some musical instruments appear more creativity-boosting than others. In other words, why is, or was, a piano more often chosen to write a symphony on than, say, an oboe?

Znibbles - online Max and TD tutorials

2018-03-16 - posted in: creative-coding, live-visuals, music, sound-art, disseminate,

So Patrik Lechner and I created this new learning resource called Znibbles.

Fu Manchu - Giving TouchDesigner a Go

2018-02-09 - posted in: computer-graphics, live-visuals, music,

Recently I was a bit upset about Jitter’s performance when it came to particle systems, and the complexity of merging 2d and 3d imagery, so I decided to take a closer look at TouchDesigner, which I know is heavily used, and loved, by my colleagues in the live visuals sector.

SVG Filters for the Barba Curata EP Cover

2018-01-13 - posted in: computer-graphics, web-technologies, music,

So I’ve got a new EP out (been keeping this on my shelf for far too long). For the cover image, however, I played around with SVG filters a little. Here’s what I learned.

Tile them vectors, part 1

2017-12-27 - posted in: data-visualization, geo, web-technologies,

Part of my day job involves the handling and processing of geospatial data, so why not get creative with it?

Conformity Condensed

2017-12-20 - posted in: music, sound-art,

For a live showing at Stuttgart’s stromraum studio I used my record Sounds of Deference and Conformity as a facsimile of itself, driving the performance via periodic trigger signals generated by the spinning record.

Look Ma, a blockchain!

2017-12-14 - posted in: creative-coding, data-visualization, sonification, web-technologies,

Recent events inspired me to explore the nature of the blockchain a bit more. Plus, I wanted to brush up on my WebGL / THREE.js and Web Audio API skills a bit more. The result is a pulsating, inspiring view on the blockchain which will serve as the basis for further artistic development.


2017-11-24 - posted in: creative-coding, autonomous-agents, swarm-behavior, music, sound-art,

Another work exploring autonomous agents and swarm behavior. This is the re-recording of a live performance at Wow! Signal. Bees and robots exhibit different behaviors of attraction and repulsion.

Evil Ecosystem

2017-11-08 - posted in: creative-coding, genetic-algorithms,

A variation of the ecosystem simulation patch from Dan Shiffman’s Nature of Code where evil bloops (reddish) may lay out poison (the yellow squares) to weaken/kill their fellow bloops. Let’s see how this works out.