A journal of weird brainchilds of mine...

Znibbles - online Max and TD tutorials

2018-03-16 - posted in: creative-coding, live-visuals, music, sound-art, disseminate,

So Patrik Lechner and I created this new learning resource called Znibbles.

Fu Manchu - Giving TouchDesigner a Go

2018-02-09 - posted in: computer-graphics, live-visuals, music,

Recently I was a bit upset about Jitter’s performance when it came to particle systems, and the complexity of merging 2d and 3d imagery, so I decided to take a closer look at TouchDesigner, which I know is heavily used, and loved, by my colleagues in the live visuals sector.

SVG Filters for the Barba Curata EP Cover

2018-01-13 - posted in: computer-graphics, web-technologies, music,

So I’ve got a new EP out (been keeping this on my shelf for far too long). For the cover image, however, I played around with SVG filters a little. Here’s what I learned.

Tile them vectors, part 1

2017-12-27 - posted in: data-visualization, geo, web-technologies,

Part of my day job involves the handling and processing of geospatial data, so why not get creative with it?

Conformity Condensed

2017-12-20 - posted in: music, sound-art,

For a live showing at Stuttgart’s stromraum studio I used my record Sounds of Deference and Conformity as a facsimile of itself, driving the performance via periodic trigger signals generated by the spinning record.

Look Ma, a blockchain!

2017-12-14 - posted in: creative-coding, data-visualization, sonification, web-technologies,

Recent events inspired me to explore the nature of the blockchain a bit more. Plus, I wanted to brush up on my WebGL / THREE.js and Web Audio API skills a bit more. The result is a pulsating, inspiring view on the blockchain which will serve as the basis for further artistic development.


2017-11-24 - posted in: creative-coding, autonomous-agents, swarm-behavior, music, sound-art,

Another work exploring autonomous agents and swarm behavior. This is the re-recording of a live performance at Wow! Signal. Bees and robots exhibit different behaviors of attraction and repulsion.

Evil Ecosystem

2017-11-08 - posted in: creative-coding, genetic-algorithms,

A variation of the ecosystem simulation patch from Dan Shiffman’s Nature of Code where evil bloops (reddish) may lay out poison (the yellow squares) to weaken/kill their fellow bloops. Let’s see how this works out.