Look Ma, a blockchain!

2017-12-14 - posted in: creative-coding, data-visualization, sonification, web-technologies,

Recent events inspired me to explore the nature of the blockchain a bit more. Plus, I wanted to brush up on my WebGL / THREE.js and Web Audio API skills a bit more. The result is a pulsating, inspiring view on the blockchain which will serve as the basis for further artistic development.

See the Pen Blockchain Threejs by Julian Rubisch (@jrubisch) on CodePen.

The curves’ shape is derived via a quasi-turtle-function, where I split actual bitcoin hashes in four character strings, e.g. 1ca4 and treated them as the x, y and z component of a vector and its magnitude respectively. The color of the individual hashes is taken from its last 6 digits as a hex color.

The curves’ wiggling is achieved by a very simple displacement vertex shader.

And last but not least, the sonification consists of a polyrhythmic stepping through the hashes and converting values to oscillator frequencies, filter cutoffs, delay times and so on.