Conformity Condensed

2017-12-20 - posted in: music, sound-art,

For a live showing at Stuttgart’s stromraum studio I used my record Sounds of Deference and Conformity as a facsimile of itself, driving the performance via periodic trigger signals generated by the spinning record.

I used paperclips attached to the record bumping on a contact mic connected to a KOMA Elektronik Field Kit‘s envelope follower ans subsequently driving a Make Noise 0-coast.

Other than that, I just used a delay (the very rough, coloured Cutting Room Floor by Recovery Effects, first version), and the Field Kit’s radio receiver.

Here is a live recording:

… and the full, rehearsal version:

The employed video synth is a 3trinsrgb+1 by Gieskes, which was CV modulated by the contact mic’s envelope and operated by Jakob Schauer.